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Time Management Tips

Value Time:
Don’t waste your time or others. Don’t wait around or pursue time consuming activities that give you little benefit. Don’t let phone calls and visits interrupt your work flow.
Student time management
Nothing wastes time like lack of direction. Plan your goals and activities and prepare others for your expectations. Expect delays and plan to have extra time to accommodate them.
Know Your Work Habits:
Find out when you work best. What activities affect how productive you are? Watch for and get rid of habits that are unproductive. Delegate or remove tasks when needed.
Be a Problem Solver:
Complaining wastes time. Find a solution or find help and get it done.
Get the Hard Work Done First:
Don’t procrastinate. Start with the difficult work first so you can relax with the easy tasks. Work that remains undone will drain you of energy and slow your progress.
Review Your Progress:
Compare what you have done with what you planned to do. What worked? What made you feel good? What could have been done better?
And lastly, remember that busy does not equal productive. You don’t just want to get the work finished you want to have it done right. You don’t need to complete EVERY task, just arrange that they be dealt with by someone or decide that they do not need doing. You will be judged on how well and timely your work was done, not by how many hours you worked. More student resources.


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