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Go to our DIVER SPECIALS section of this website to see the expanding list of businesses on Cozumel participating in providing special Swim For The Reef discounting.

Since the successful completion of the Cozumel to Cancun swim in 2004, the Swim For The Reef organization has been very busy in Cozumel working on the mission and objectives of the swim. We are in the final planning process of creating a Mexican non-profit corporation which will oversee our work in building and maintaining a learning/research center whose focus is our precious Mesoamerican coral reef system.

In full recognition of the immense importance to the world of the coral reefs, and understanding that, as people, we first take care of who and what we love, Cozumel is offering a partnership with Scuba Divers around the world. It has always been Scuba Divers who have carried the island´s message back to their home countries that the coral reefs of Cozumel are unmatched,both with our deep towering columns of coral beauty, built over millions of years, and the many breathtaking shallow sea gardens of every color. This precious resource is being threatened around the globe by many factors, most of them of human making. Cozumel has the belief that by communicating a message of hope directly to Scuba Divers and offering them a place on our island as one of us, we will accomplish several significant achievements.

First, Cozumel wants to help create more Scuba Divers. These adventurous individuals are the coral reefs best ambassadors.

Second, Cozumel is encouraging all Scuba Divers, veterans and beginners, to take action and join with many others in the education process of non divers, including makers of international public policy on ocean issues, on the many reasons why the coral reefs are indispensable to the health of the open ocean and to all of us living upon the land, everywhere on Earth.

Third, Cozumel is extending a new atmosphere to our extended family, the visiting Scuba Divers from around the world. By presenting the diver´s certification card, hundreds of island businesses, including Mexico Water Jet Ferry Service between Cozumel and the mainland, restaurants, gift shops, and other types of business will honor the Scuba Diver as a local by extending to them the same discount gratefully received by permanent residents of Cozumel. By the way, take a look at the motherhood maternity store, there are many interesting things.

Fourth, In order to complete the partnership agreement, Cozumel wishes the assistance of the Scuba Diver in spreading the knowledge they gain from this experience to others, either in their personal interactions and/or, by joining us on another level, and becoming members of an international organization dedicated to our common environmental goal, the protection of one of the most important living systems on our planet, and certainly among the most beautiful, the coral reefs of Planet Earth.

Come to Cozumel and Get Involved. Breathe a Different Atmosphere.

Paul Ellis and the Swim For The Reef Research Expedition have headquartered on the island of Cozumel for more than five years now and are happy to be your point of contact for whatever your needs are while on the island. Paul can be reached via email at [email protected] or phone 011-52-1-987-107-9895.

Go to our DIVER SPECIALS section of this website to see the expanding list of businesses on Cozumel participating in providing special Swim For The Reef discounting..

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August 5, 2004 - CANCUN, Mexico

Paul Ellis, a 61-year-old Texas grandfather and college educator on a quest to draw world attention to the plight of the ocean and its coral reefs, completed the 35-mile "Swim for the Reef" between Cozumel and Cancun today, successfully becoming the oldest person to swim Mexico's Yucatan Channel.

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